1. How can I contact Premier?

You can contact us in our Wilmslow and Bolton offices from 7.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 7.30-5.00pm on Fridays. We are also open during school holiday periods between 9.00am and 3.00pm. You can also reach us week day evenings and throughout the weekend on our out of hours service. For details please see below.

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2. How does supply work?

Supply cover is essentially driven by staff absence due mainly to sickness, training, maternity leave and occasional unfilled vacancies. There are many reasons why people choose to work on a supply basis and there are many benefits to this kind of work. At Premier Education we will help you to decide which type of work suits you best-it is our main objective to tailor our services to you and your exact requirements.

3. Can I work part time?

You can choose exactly how many days you wish to work per week and placements range from ½ a day a week, up to 5 days, a term and longer.

4. Will I get a choice as to where I work?

We operate within the Greater Manchester, Cheshire East and Cheshire West, Wigan and Warrington areas and also now work with a number of Bradford Schools . We have established long term relationships within 13 LEAS. At interview you will be asked exactly which LEAs you wish to work in.  

5. Will I get plenty of work?

We have work available every day and will endeavour to get you as much work as you require. It is helpful if you keep in touch on a regular basis with your availability so we are fully aware of your requirements


1. What qualifications do I need?

 If you are considering becoming a teacher we advise contacting the TDA for further information and all routes into teaching

2. What type of work do you offer?

 We recruit Primary, Secondary and Special Needs teachers, Cover Supervisors, Support Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Higher, Level Teaching Assistants, Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants for temporary and permanent employment contracts in schools and nurseries.

3. I'm not qualified but I want to work in education, what do you advise I do to get experience?

We advise that you work on a voluntary basis first and require 3 to 6 months experience in an environment where you are working with children aged 0 to 16.


1. How do I register?

Whatever position you are looking for Premier Education take checking and vetting very seriously.  There are several stages to our recruitment process which include the completion of an online registration form or an informal telephone Interview and a face to face interview which may take place in person or via video link due to the current climate.

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2. If I leave and then wish to work for Premier again what do I do?

Contact Premier who will explain exactly what you need to do- We will re-activate your file but depending on the length of time you have been away from Premier will determine the process. If you have had more than a 3 month gap we will be required to re-apply for documentation in accordance with safeguarding regulations.  

4. Does it cost to register or re- register?

No there is no joining or registration fee.


1. How much do I get paid?

You will be paid according to your level of qualifications and experience and details will be confirmed in writing during your interview.

2. What happens to my Tax and NI?

Tax and National Insurance will be deducted from your wages each week and paid to the relevant authorities.

3. How often do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly in arrears on a Friday by BACS directly into your bank account.

4. I think I am paying too much tax, what can I do?

You will need to check your tax code on your payslip and contact the tax office directly-your consultant will provide you with their details.

5. How do I work out my tax if I am registered with more than one agency?

You will need to decide which agency is getting you the most work and make sure the tax office has them registered as you main employer.

6. Are we entitled to travel expenses?

No but sometimes at our discretion we can help towards a particularly long journey.


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