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Never Give Up

As an NQT you may wonder how can a teaching agency help you get a permanent job. Further details can be found on the NQT information page. Thou we have helped hundreds of NQTS find positions, below are just some of the examples of NQTS we have helped get a permanent position.

1. We know a lot of schools advertise their positions. One example where we helped a school was a Primary school in Stockport had a position advertised and received 200 applicants and the NQT who got the job was a candidate who was working at the school part time already through us.

2. Another example is a Primary school in Trafford who had an NQT from us on supply. This NQT was offered a permanent position at this school after working there through us.

3. We had a candidate called Aaron Rutter who was a Secondary NQT and he worked in a SEN school for us to help him build up his experience. He finished up getting a permanent position himself though he said the reason he got the job over other candidates was because of his experience doing supply. Here Aaron talks about his experiences.