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Top Tips for Working as a Supply Teacher

Being prepared for the day

You cannot beat being prepared when going to a new school. Here at Premier when we book you into a school we will give you:

  • The school details and what time to be there for
  • Details of what you need to take with you eg. Photo ID, DBS check
  • The name of the person you need to see on arrival
  • Details of the class you are covering (ask the teaching assistant as they know the class)
  • Any further details we have been given by the school that will help you

If you have been asked to work an emergency booking, it’s best to be ready to go straight away as our client schools usually call us between 7.00 and 8.30am. If on route to school you get lost, we suggest that you stop and call us directly here at the office with the street name that you are on. Your consultants will then try and direct you in.

If you have been booked into a school in advance, we would recommend that you look up the school on the internet and see where it is and work out how to get to it. Also we would recommend you have a look at the school website and learn about the school (every school is different) and see what the ethos of the school is. Sometimes there will be photos of the Head Teacher and teachers at the school. This will help you when you get there.

For Primary teachers it’s best to have pens, pencils and some stickers with you. We also highly recommend that you have a file or folder ready with different lesson plans available for the Key Stage that you cover, in case the booking we are asking you to cover is an emergency booking so may not have work set at the school.

The golden rule if you have been booked in advance is to “get there early” as this sets a good impression and you can be fully prepared.

Being prepared with lesson plans

It is extremely important that you are prepared when working on supply. As mentioned above, lesson plans are an essential part or emergency bookings when covering Primary. We suggest that you have a file or folder already prepared with lessons plans in for your Key Stage, just in case work has not been set or left for you at the school you are working with. NQTS should make sure they have enough resources available to cover lessons in their Key Stage. We have a list of websites that are very useful for Primary and Secondary cover work which provide resources and ideas for lesson plans. Please call us and we can send you this list across via email.

How to gain from the experience

Going to new schools as an NQT can be challenging, but it is a great way to learn how different schools work and to pick up tips from other teachers. Learning from your experiences as you go along with help you as you develop in your career. Supply work is also your shop window to show schools how good a teacher you are. Many teachers finish up getting a permanent position through supply work so please give it your best shot every time.