Why You Need To Register With An Agency Now

Why registering with a recruitment agency now, could be the reason you’re standing at the front of the class in September.

If you have been searching and applying for that new teaching or assistant role and haven’t been successful, now is the time to register with an agency. There are agencies up and down the UK working over the summer holidays to help you on your journey to find a role to suit you.

But why not wait until September?

  • In September, schools are busy settling into the new academic year. Heads and deputies will struggle to find time to write you a reference and return it to your agency.
  • If you need a DBS, registering now allows time for it to clear and be returned to you ready to take into schools on the first day back.
  • Schools will often call agencies during the first few days of the new term with long term positions to fill. Maybe a member of staff has become ill over the summer or had to take a leave of absence. If you are fully registered before these calls come in, you will be considered for these jobs right away.
  • You may have been lucky enough to work abroad recently. If this is the case, you will need a police check from the country you worked in and registering now allows time for this to be completed.
  • A good recruiter can help your CV stand out. Especially if you’re newly qualified, recruiters can help pinpoint those qualities schools are looking for and even help with the interview preparation too. Don’t be frightened to ask questions to see how we can help.

Get organised for next term now. Good luck in your search for work. 

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