Premier Education Blog: Keeping Stir Crazy Away!

The Premier Education team has been working from home this past week since the partial closure of schools was announced by Boris Johnson. As this isn’t something the team is accustomed to we have been discussing ways to keep us from going stir crazy! Home can feel a lonely place when you are only allowed limited contact with the outside world, so read on for top tips from the Premier Team to keep you from getting cabin fever!

Eat a RAINBOW diet! – Alistair, our Director/Owner

Sometimes it can be REALLY hard to avoid the fridge and unhealthy snacks especially when they are in arms reach! Did you also know that Vitamin C is thought to help fight off viruses so keep your vitamin levels high and eat lots of fruit and veg! Stress and anxiety weakens the immune system so by feeding ourselves the right food we can combat it!

Start the day with a smoothie, make fun food for families using googly eyes or by “hiding” veg in more appetising meals e.g. make purple potato hash browns or googly eye fruits etc. Recipes can be found on Pinterest, Google and Instagram!

Organise your day and write to-do lists! – Clare, our Director

It can be easy to slip into bad habits when working from home and quite often daily routine goes out the window! To help compartmentalise and get focused, keeping a clear list and layout of your plans for the day helps you focus your mind and concentrate a task at a time!

To do lists can be fun! – Use the Hinch version and call it a Ta-Daa list, colour code them, highlight each objective off as you complete it! You can even get the whole family involved and turn it into a competition!


Take regular rest breaks! Get lots of fresh air – Sacha, our Senior SEND Consultant

Sometimes it can be really easy to get into a trance-like state when WFH -Especially when you are in the “flow” and are on a roll with calls, marketing etc. I find taking rest breaks to stand up and just have a quick stretch reset the brain and keep you refreshed! There is nothing worse than the 2pm slump because you have been sitting still all day which sets you on a fast track to the fridge! Take your lunch break and go and sit out in the sun!

Stand up and do a few stretches, play a quick game of football with your children, go for a 10 minute walk, do a bit of gardening – these are all simple, effective and fun ways to have a bit of a screen break!


Turn off the NEWS! Listen to your favourite music instead. – Paul, Senior Consultant

There is nothing worse than listening to the drab and depressing news on a daily basis – listening to politicians argue and news readers with serious faces telling us regular updates can become a massive drain of energy and time! Instead, switch to listening to your favourite playlist or create one especially for work – fill it with your favourite songs, classical music or listen to some mindfulness! There are some fab channels on YouTube – a personal favourite is “The Honest Guys” there is never a bad time to focus on some self-care and do a bit of mindfulness especially in these circumstances.


Think of the small things that make you happy! – Gill, our Compliance Team Lead

When WFH particularly under such strict and unprecedented circumstances (lockdown etc.) it can be really easy to start feeling low and lose motivation. Sometimes the best way to overcome this is to follow this simple rule! “Think Happy Thoughts!” it worked for Peter Pan and his friends so it can definitely work for us too! Looking back over fond memories and thinking about the fun and happy times you have had can really give you a boost and make you SMILE!

You may not be able to go out and visit family and friends at the moment but you can use WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and loads of other apps to keep in touch with your loved ones. Why not start a new blog? Or explore a new hobby? The possibilities are endless!

Remember – if you are feeling low, need a person to chat to or simply would like an update you can get in touch with any of the team on 01625 538 568 or drop an email to your consultant who will give you a call back! Keep Safe, Keep Calm and Follow the guidance and this will soon be in the past to be rewritten as a History question on a future GCSE Paper!

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