Easter Holidays

Today to wish you all a lovely Easter Weekend at this very strange and difficult time. I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well. The office will  re-open on Tuesday at 9am.

Alistair has asked me to pass on some more of his thoughts, tips and ideas for keeping yourselves and families entertained over the Easter Break.

‘We are now on week 3 of lock down and for many people it’s hard and it’s hurting. So what can you do to make the best of this situation and try and enjoy it ?

  1. Start a Journal. It will be something to pass on to younger family members in years to come.
  2. Create a Time Capsule
  3. Do an activate with your family. Game of chess, singing competition, best video award.
  4. Research the history of somewhere you want to visit
  5. Read General Montgomery’s autobiography and learn of what the UK have been through before.
  6. Go for a walk. Done properly going out early in a morning or later in the day could be the best options.
  7. Paint that room (if you already have the paint that is).
  8. Learn a new skill or language
  9. Learn to cook a new recipe.
  10. Draw a picture
  11. Start a book on a subject you are passionate about.
  12. Call someone you have not called for a while.

Many Thanks

Stay Safe

Clare and Alistair


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