A Day in the Life of an SEN Teacher

Wow, fourth day in a row of sleep-ins! I woke up at 7am, a cup of tea by my bedside with 45mins to be on my way to a day in a Pupil Referral Unit with a KS3 class. I arrived at 8.30am to find out what’s transpiring today. Golden Time! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that statement. Bell goes, door opens; enter my SEN group. The bitter blustery weather suddenly changes the classroom from Australia to Siberia. Thank goodness for secondary school corridors!

First task of the day is writing four sentences using adjectives linked to our topic, The Ocean – ‘The shark is light blue’ says one. Another says, ‘The Ocean is deep’. Hopefully he has only read this and not personally tried to discover how deep the ocean really is!

Literacy, Phonics and Numeracy sessions follow – same all week! Except allocated pupil and I spend our Phonics session in … wait for it … Reception! We’ve come from Y2 you see. Today we learnt that we need to ‘share’. An interesting feat for this young man, for which he did quite well – waiting for the playdough shape he wanted.

In assembly Monty, from the Meningitis Trust, greeted us with his presence. The children’s faces showed genuine excitement when they caught a glimpse of Monty through the glass of the hall door. Big waves and cheers from everyone as he walked in.

Following lunch, I worked with my SEN groups across the school. It’s warming to see the children already recognise that they’re spending time with me. We studied phonics, reading, common denominators and handwriting in glittery sand! The rest of the afternoon was ‘Golden Time’ in Y2. At 3.15pm farewells were said to all.

After a quick review and of course the all important timesheet signed, I left at 4pm. Some people might think that playing construction games, maths games and working in the sand tray fun – I can vouch it’s been quite a tiring week. By the time I got home I was exhausted – I made myself a well earned cup of tea, the second one of the day and prepared dinner. By the time 8.00pm came around I found myself in bed. Not bad for a Friday night!

Helen Ashpole

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