Case Study: Sourcing high calibre supply teachers…who suit the specific requirements of the school

Customer: Newall Green Primary School

For many years Newall Green Primary School in Wythenshaw , Manchester used a combination of existing teachers and agency teachers sourced from approximately 5 different local and national agencies to cover any teacher absences.

However the school often found this solution inadequate. Very often the teachers sent from agencies did not fit in well at the school and either could not cope with the discipline or taught inadequate lessons. On many occasions supply staff booked for a day’s teaching would inevitably leave/ be asked to leave half way through the day.

These issues were compounded as often when the Deputy Head contacted an agency to express the concerns of the school she felt they weren’t interested in what she had to say. This culminated in the fact that she quickly lost faith and confidence in the service they offered. It also affected her personal use of time as she would often have to intervene and either cover the lessons herself or ask other members of staff to teach instead.

The Challenge
• To source competent education professionals who could quickly adapt to and tailor their approach to the aims and values of the school.
• For Premier to provide a service that was professional and cost effective but personal and friendly at all times.

The Outcome
In 2009 Premier Education were given the opportunity to meet with the school and spent some time gathering information not only about their issues with sourcing supply teachers but also about the school’s ethos and values in order to ensure a greater understanding of their requirements. It became apparent that although Newall Green is a large primary school it has a very friendly ‘family’ feel to it. Some weeks later Premier were asked to send a nursery assistant to cover a staff absence. A high calibre nursery teacher was in fact sent as it was felt that she was the most suitable individual for the position based on her previous experience and personality. She was happy to fulfil the role and did so so successfully that when a teaching role became available she was considered and appointed. Rimah soon noticed that the individuals Premier were high quality professionals who fitted in well to the school. Rimah recommended to the Headteacher that they should stick to one agency as she has strong believes of having consistency for the children. Since starting with Premier in November 2009 over five candidates who have gone to Newall Green on supply have finished up getting offered a permanent position.

What they say about us
“You don’t just recruit anybody… the people you recruit are excellent and really good at their job. You have a good eye for picking people who suit the specific requirements of our school and fit in well. We have developed a great relationship with Premier Education over the last few years and since using your agency in 2009 have offered permanent positions to over 5 supply teachers…You’re the best, you’re unique, you offer a service I have not come across before.”

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