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Firstly welcome back ! We hope you all had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to the new term. We would like to extend an especially warm welcome to anyone joining Premier Education for the first time!

As it is the beginning of the term we often get asked for advice and tips on how to best prepare for working on supply and we know from experience it can be the small things that make a difference.
Below are some of our top tips for candidates working on supply:

• Work out your route to the school the night before and have a look at the school website to find out more about them. Every school is different.

• Get to the school early. It creates a good first impression and is important to have time before school starts to get your bearings, find out any key information about the class and the school, photocopy work and make any last minute adjustments to your planning.

• Speak to your colleagues. If you’re at a Primary school speak to the teaching assistant and find out the details of the class. Quite often they are the ones who are reporting back to the Head Teacher on how you have got on.

• Always, always mark work even if you have to stay late to mark it, you will stand a better chance of being asked back to that school.

• Head teachers are busy people, however if you get chance go and say thank you at the end of the day. If you are working in a Secondary school go and speak to the Supply Coordinator. Our clients want you to have enjoyed working at their school.

• Once you have a placement in a school you are well placed to apply for any vacancies that may arise. Supply is an excellent route into a permanent position.

I hope the above tips will help people. Good luck to everyone who is looking for a permanent position in a school.

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